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APG are working to improve our sustainability, liaising with every customer and supplier to ensure we are working closely with them to find the most sustainable logistical solutions.
What we are doing to improve our Sustainability
Data Collection
Collect data from carriers on routes, modes of transport and weight of goods delivered per route
Measure network carbon footprint
Calculate carbon footprint of the network
Evaluate sustainability perfomance of network
Engage with Key carriers in the network to collect data on sustainability initiatives. Evaluate performance of network
Engage with network
Decide what types of network code of conduct to set for carriers.
Develop communications material for network including code of conduct and an evaluation of their performance
The process so far
Sustainability remains a key priority for APG with our journey starting in 2018. So far we have liaised with our customers and suppliers to establish key sustainability trends. This allowed us to set targets to ensure we work towards reducing our overall carbon footprint, as well as informing and educating our global network.
From data collection, to engaging with our network, this process has given us a greater understanding of what it means to become sustainable and what more we can do to continue our progress.
Our next steps…
Since our sustainability journey began, APG have been able to see progress and better understand the drivers behind the impacts on the environment. We are now working to drive further improvements across our global network.
Communicate & Engage

APG will actively continue to communicate with our global network about the impact of CO2 emissions from different delivery routes. We aim to influence greener choices for our entire network worldwide.

We will continue to engage with existing carriers on their sustainability performance by highlighting areas of improvement they could focus on in the future.


As our company carbon footprint is a key focus within APG, we must continue to reflect on the direction of future sustainability strategy. Ongoing conversations with customers and suppliers will enable APG to continue to work towards a more sustainable future.

Strong focus on our Corporate Social Responsability

As a growing business, we realise the importance of considering our impact on the business environment globally and therefore we have a strong commitment to our corporate social responsibility plan.

We believe we can create sustainable, long-term value by focusing on where we can make the greatest positive difference:
– Our People
– Our customers
– Our relationships with suppliers
– Our expertise and innovation
– Environmental sustainability

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