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Our Technology Strategy

Our seamless delivery solutions are achieved with industry-leading agile technology.
Agile Technology
We can rapidly scale and deploy globally
With our cloud-native architecture, we can scale and deploy rapidly throughout our entire network. We have a global server coverage which supports all our operations worldwide.
We save you time
We offer standardised integration interfaces to shorten integration time. Back-end services are built with microservice architecture, so you are able to benefit from our solutions faster and more efficiently. We save you time without compromising information security. Our ISO 27001 Certification shows our commitment to ensuring our information and management systems are secure whilst allowing our customers to benefit from our technology solutions.
Development and innovation are in our DNA
Our R&D team is committed to constant improvement of our technology tools and systems to drive excellence in our processes and services. Our innovation strategy allows us to remain competitive and relevant in our industry, confirmed by the exponential growth we see today
2020 Roadmap: Future developments
1. To build core back-end capabilities
Own customer on-boarding Intergration engine
Reporting and control tower database
2. To implement operating system capability
Develop own non-carrier management functions
3. To implement automated management reporting & business intelligence module
Estimated and actual real time profitability tracking lane-wise and customer-wise revenue and profitability tracking
Future system capabilities

Non- Carrier Management
Warehouse recipt scan
Custom’s duty management and collection
Return’s management
Data compliance mobile
Control Tower
Flight Monitoring
Rapid integration of customers and carriers
Geo-locational tracking
Mobile warehouse barcode scanners
Label conversion engine for quick label deployment

Carrier Management
Routing based on APG business rules
Label printing
Multi-leg routing support
Increasing routing capabilities for outbound and returns
Multi-source tracking for increaded freshness and reliability

Reporting and finance
Basic KPI report extraction for customers
Parcel-level profitability reporting
Built-in BI capabilities with on demand data processing and analysis
Ability to schedule own customised reports
Efficient high-volume data extraction
Our service packages
target Track my Parcel
Track multiple